Happy Times Family Childcare uses the Creative Curriculum. The Learning environment is set up to promote a child’s independence and supporting social skills, language skills, problem solving skills, sensory skills, math & science, art, and music & movement. Our goal is to provide developmentally appropriate, engaging and meaningful experiences that will nurture your kids.

Music & Movement

Problem solving

Language skills


Math & Science

Social skills

Preschool Curriculum Includes

children will be exposed to the Spanish language as the teachers sing songs, read stories and play games related to the classroom theme in BOTH English and Spanish.

children learn to love music and support development in all areas as they sing, dance, and play instruments in the music and movement room

through specific movement activities, children improve large-muscle skills, balance and coordination in the music and movement room

to engage children in the joy of reading through exposure to various books and songs.

Meals are served family style and are an integral aspect of the learning process. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served to all children at the
approximate scheduled meal times. Weekly menus are posted. No outside food is allowed, unless indicated otherwise by a Physician and Director has
the Physician note.  Food and snacks will be provided by Happy Times Family Child Care. (Special foods like infant foods are the parent’s
responsibility: Formula, special milks, special dietary foods due to allergies etc.)


8:00 AM


11:30 AM


2:30 PM